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new discovery for me - martha stewart living magazine app for my ipad (thanks AHS). this one is only US $4.99 per issue and it is worth every penny! from D.I.Y projects to exquisite tablescapes, room makeovers and recipes this magazine is heaven and interactive to boot. you get martha walking you through peony arranging to her designers completing a room make over challenge. the styling and photography is beyond impressive and her suggestions are spot on - it's official, i am a martha convert, you will be too...

xxx c
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  1. AHS??? i have been telling you about my obession with Martha for years! and now you finally get it?????? angry HPB

  2. HBP - did you pop your angry pants on this morning? i didnt say AHS introduced me to Martha, just the app! but i didnt really get her till now H-bomb, so thanks to you too......


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