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i am looking for a new hall table and think i have found the one - mango hard wood new york console from shack. while there i saw a beauty of a buffet (the california large) i love the large scale of it and the round smooth edges, it looks so clean and fresh. the only change i would make is to have more drawers. this leads me to my next hunt - the console with lots-o-drawers. i think it would be a good replacement for my book shelf in the study which i am totally o.v.e.r. so much so that the accoutrement in said bookshelf is busily being redistributed/styled as we speak. i am thinking of getting one of these for my novels next to my desk and then having console sitting pretty somewhere else.
more pressing though than all of these is a floor lamp for behind the couch in the lounge room - overhead lighting is the bane of my exsistence and my lamp doesnt really provide enough light, so off to home HQ i go for the billionth weekend in a row...
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