2 chanello

i am jelly. beyond jelly in fact. my cousin just went to paris and made the best decision of her life. she bought a black caviar leather chanel 2.55 - exactly what i want. being slightly older than her i feel it was my duty to be the first to make that purchase but she has gone and interrupted the natural order of things (don't mind the fact that she can actually afford one and i can't). perhaps she will lend her to me one day or at least leave her to me in her will. green.with.envy.amelia...

xxx c
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  1. I would be insanely jelly too... a 2.55 is next on my tick list...


  2. Damn those young-uns! Yes... I sometimes haunt blogs that feature my lust list. Shh.. I ONLY desire a CC wallet on a chain but that damn plaster gets in the way! Walls before wanderlust!!! x KL


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