0 skate or die

celine spring 2011

for the past few years i have been on the hunt for the perfect skateboard for my apartment. i have looked at the marc jacobs, the damien hirst/supreme and the vuitton/sprouse versions but none come close to the perfection of these...

the woman responsible is American artist and photographer Marilyn Minter in collaboration with, of course, Supreme. they take this room to a whole new level. for me, this is styling perfection. and i am so excited because someone is selling a set on ebay NOW!

this little mission to find said skateboards led me to interior designer Laura Day and i discovered she was resposible for not only my new favourite bedroom but also this bad boy...

i look at this room a few times a week in my iphoto, the fur, the pink, the metallics and the neutrals, again, styled immaculately. definitely my new interiors crush... 

xxx c

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