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pics: all screen shots from net-a-porter magazine app

i adore the net-a-porter magazine, a weekly delight that's interactive to the point where you can click on anything on buy it instantly...genius (but not, because then you're poor)

pic: screen shot the daily app

then there's the Daily (fashion week daily) it keeps you updated with the latest news in fashion, as the New York Times states it's "the guiltiest pleasure of fashion week in new york" and there isn't an editor front row without one on her lap.

pics: screen shots at style.com app

and of course, style.com - the best way to have a quick peek-a-roo at all the current and past collections all freshly organised.

pics: screen shot vogue cover app

and finally the vogue cover app for some visual stimuli. it's only a few pages for each issue but still, its a clutter free cover which i l.o.v.e.

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