2 house envy: vogue APT

pics: vogue

i was recently directed to the US Vogue website, specifically to their APT with LSD section and what a gold-mine! this beauty above belongs to fashion designer Minnie Mortimer. i especially love the 70's skateboarding photo and the chunky woven baskets, and how good is the library/dining room? books definitely maketh the room.

my most favourite of all has to be the home of LSD (Lauren Santo Domingo) herself - i love a girl who's as neat and organised as me! check it out below...

pics: vogue

and last, but certainly not least, a room that ticks all my boxes: a Jeff Koons, a latte coloured velvet sofa, insane flooring, high ceilings, huge chandelier, cornicing and those drop dead drapes.

pic: vogue

this room sits in the house of Samantha Boardman, M.D. oh to be rich and living in New York...

xxx c

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  1. Some of my faves as well! There's not an inch of LSD's pad that doesn't rock!


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